Friday, April 6, 2007

Writers Write! Day One

My total for last night: 2,165 words.

And a whole box of Mentos.

At first my system was, I wrote 100 words, I got a Mento. Then I realized that it just wasn't coming, so I started eating more Mentos. Eventually...well...I added another box to that rather large pile by my mousepad.

So later on, I set up a new system. I recently unearthed my Gameboy Advance from several years ago. (Of course I still play SuperMario. Who doesn't?) Every time I died in the game, I had to turn around and write at least a hundred words.

It was actually kind of scary how well that worked.

2,500 is a nice goal. Let's go for that tonight.

Others from Diana's call-to-arms: how did you do yesterday?


Jess Burkhart said...

I still play SuperMario, too! :)

Miri said...

Fantastic! You can't beat the classics, really.