Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Yes, I've lost track. That's what happens when real life sneaks up and bites you in the neck like the little wannabe vampire it is.

All I know is that over the days, I've averaged approximately three hundred twenty words a day. Yes, there is a zero in the average. Monday killed me. I have not uphelp the pledge to write every day. I just sat down at the computer and couldn't face it. Bad Miri. No cookie.

...okay. I can't do that. There are fresh chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies and I'm having one, dagummit. And besides, another large reason I didn't write is that I was reading and critiquing my mother's novel. That's definitiely good for brownie points, right? (For those interested: past the fact that I want to hit her over the head with a comma in the hopes that she'll learn to use them (love ya, Mom!), it was very, very good.)

BUT. Today, during in a lull in my traditional 7:40 to 8:25 A.M. activities, I bit the bullet and outlined the next bit of my own WiP (in narrative form. I'm not dealing with all those little literal bullets). I have a definite direction now and, while I can't have everything outlined from the get-go, I'm at a point where I do kind of need to know what's happening in the immediate future. I'm over my bout of "This novel sucks. I suck. Why do I bother? {repeat ad nauseum}" and I'm ready to get this thing done.

I've determined that I need to do it in big chunks if I'm going to get anywhere.

So tonight's for a warm-up round (1500 or bust!) and tomorrow I'm going for a marathon. 4k at the very least.

Oh, and I thought you all might find this interesting. It's part of my signature on a forum I frequent.

Status: Finally, movement! They're alive, I tell you! (Or: When all else fails, mess with the established group dynamic.)


(That last bit is a quote from one of my critique partners. Hey, Sarah!)

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Mom said...

Thank you. I'm saying this with my arm up to deflect the comma I'm being hit with. :-)