Monday, January 1, 2007

Two in one day. Has it gotten this bad already?

I guess it has.

I've been reading Kristin Nelson's archives in lieu of her return to work (and blogging). She's a sharp, lovely lady and you should check out her blog. Really.

Well, I was reading this post and one person posted in the comment trail that agents should always take a different approach to teenagers. Because we're so immature and easily traumatized and could be scarred for life, I guess.

As a young person myself (okay, I admit it. I've been lying to you all. I'm not youngish, I'm flat-out young.), I'm offended.

Someone saying "good for your age" is just a way to get out of hurting my poor, delicate, teenaged feelings, and it offends me. I don't want to be told I'm good for my age; I want to be told the truth. If it's that I'm good, I want to hear it. If it's that I'm bad, I want to improve. Just because there are so many people in my age group who would yell and scream and Tell Their Mommies if they got harshly critiqued, rejected, or made to see life without the rose-colored glasses, doesn't mean we all are.

So keep that in mind the next time you open your mouth or sit at your keyboard to say, "Well, it's good for your age...", because all you're doing is hurting them. Any writer needs to develop a thick skin, even the adults. We live in an age where kids are taught to expect everything (with the grape-and-parsley garnish if you please) and throw tantrums if they don't get it , and it makes me sick that those kinds of kids are out there ruining my reputation just by association.

Give us a little credit. Give us the truth. Nothing gets me angrier than someone who sugarcoats things just because "Ohmigosh, I might scar them for life!! And then they'll Tell Their Mommies!!"


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