Monday, January 1, 2007


Happy New Year to ye's.

I went to a party last night - as did approximately half of America - and managed to make myself look thoroughly stupid, but hey, that happens. (Something to do with being an extremely antisocial person...and the fact that the number of people attending ended up being three or four times what I'd thought it would be. If it hadn't been for the host's younger son graciously playing cards with me for most of it, I would have just about died. I literally almost passed out as it was.)

Well, as far as New Year's Resolutions go, here's my list:

I am going to Australia this summer.

I am going to DragonCon this fall.

I will finish my NaNo and my off-season project, and I will have a good idea of where another project of mine is going (because at the moment I have no clue. When the story opens with the characters chipperly falling off a building, well, what can you do?).

New Year's resolutions, anyone?

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