Monday, January 1, 2007

I have seen the light.

Last one today, I swear. (Mainly because there's only 49 minutes left of "today." 11:11 is such a cool time.)

Alright. I may have mentioned that my NaNo from this year, State of Affairs, is somewhat eating my soul, yes? And I know I've mentioned that it's giving me grief about ending it.

Well, I've been reading through some essays - nothing really, directly related, but they still sparked some ideas.

You see, the problem with SoA is that Averi, the heroine (I use the term extremely loosely), has all the personality of a wet log. I have known this, in my heart of hearts, from the beginning, but now it is very clear. Averi has absolutely no stock in what is going on. Nada. Zip. And worse, she's not interesting. She doesn't mirror me in personality like Ari did last year; she doesn't jump out at me like Andrie, or make me chuckle like Chalem and Luisha, or make me want to find out things right along with her like Crosan, or somehow get me emotionally involved like Karach or Marxis. In the beginning, back when the book had its original intended premise, she had some kind of emotional conflict and therefore value as a character...but now there's nothing. I mean it. Nothing.

But there is another character. One who was never meant to exist, but who strode in and took center stage. Her name is Vivessa and she has pressing issues coming from all directions, and what's more, she has a unique way of looking at the world and saying what she thinks.

To get the story I want to tell out right, I need to rewrite the whole thing - all seventy-three thousand words and the probably ten thousand that haven't been written yet - from her point of view.

I'm up for it. It'll be a slog in the beginning, but I'm up for it, because I know it'll start shining with Vivessa at its head.

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