Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope y'all treated your moms right today, in your thoughts if there's nothing else available to you.

I've fallen off the face of the blogosphere for a while now, haven't I? Not much to say, I guess.

Also, today's my birthday (it was kind of neat, having a birthday on Mother's Day this year. Appropriate, yes?). If anyone would like to guess which one, I'd be interested to read...and if anyone guesses right, I'll gladly confirm it. (Robin, you don't get to say until and if it becomes apparent that no one else is even close. Sorry.)

So. What did everyone do for their moms today? I like to think I was very classic: big box of chocolate and treated to a frappe from Joe Mugg's in the Books-a-Million (they're better than Starbucks. Yes, really).


ERiCA said...

I spent the day *working*... yuk.

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!!

Ann(ie) said...

Mother's Day here is on a Thursday. My daughter was away camping and my son played hooky. We out to a fancy lunch at super nice Chinese restaurant.

Robin Brande said...

I won't say anyway. Happy Birthday, Miri!!! I'm sure your mother was happy to have you as her gift this year and every year.