Thursday, May 31, 2007

May is almost over.

Wow, that was fast.

This is a problem/interesting thing for me in more ways than you might think. I may have mentioned before that on May 1st, I officially dropped The Story That Wouldn't Work and switched to something that's been going strong ever since.

Not strong enough, apparrently. I'm just tapping 30,000 words (that's seven and a half chapters, as I write them). I need - really NEED - to have this thing finished by June 22nd.

That means doing the equivalent of a NaNo.

In 22 days.

Which just happens to be my record.

Fun stuff, huh?

The good thing is that in as of Saturday, my daytime schedule abruptly clears up. The bad thing is that my daytime schedule abruptly clears up, and I have to actually write during it, not sleep in or play endless rounds of Mah Jonng.

In short, motivation.


Like I've said, I've done it before. And tomorrow is the first of June, so I can get myself psyched up tonight. But it'll be different from NaNos past. I'm already a third of the way into the book. The second third is generally the hardest. Once I push through won't be easy, but it'll look more doable to me. Helping me here is that I really love the story and I think it's the one I should be writing. Hurting me is that, well, I'm bad at keeping myself motivated. But to quote Erica, "If I want to be a professional writer, I have to act like one."

So. 2273 words a day.

For the next three weeks.

I'm game. No, better than that. I'll eat it for breakfast.

Well, no, I won't. Not until my mouth heals up. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Monday.

But still.

What are your plans for June? Do they include craziness like this? Would anyone like to join me in my demented mini-NaNo?

Also, I've been tagged by Robin to either list 8 odd things about myself that y'all don't know, or list four things that were new to me in the last four years and four things that I want to experience in the next four years. I think I might go for the 8 odd things. I have a lot of them. I'll try and post that tomorrow or Saturday.


Robin Brande said...

What's on June 22?

Miri said...

I'm leaving to spend three weeks in Australia, away from my computer and with very little writing time. If I have to take a three week hiatus, I fear for the story's survival.