Monday, June 18, 2007

Ah, the Joys of Travel

Yep, I'll be heading off-continent at the end of this week, never to be heard from again not to be heard from for the next three weeks, and I'm taking plenty of fresh paperback reading material for the flight. Newest at the top:

Tithe, by Holly Black - I've been looking for this book for months now, and all my bookstore ever had was Valiant and Ironside. Finally, success! I tracked it down on my weekly bookstore run today. I've heard really good things about this author and series, so I've wanted to read it for awhile.

A Countess Below Stairs, by Eva Ibbotson - stumbled across it at the bookstore last weekend. I love the author, though she's written for younger readers in the past; I'm interested to see how her style holds up here.

The Cry of the Icemark, by Stuart Hill - bought it at a bookfair some three months ago. Haven't gotten around to reading it yet.

That should keep me through a transpacific flight, shouldn't it?


Ink Johnson said...

lol, I hope the vacation is as good as the books!

Although, if it's not, you could have five-hour vacations for less than ten bucks, all the time.


Robin Brande said...

Have a great time, Miri! You're going someplace on my Life List, so you know I'm envious--I mean, happy for you. Live it up!

Heather said...


...You could always read mine...

*runs away*

Miri said...

Ink - indeed. 8) I think it'll be fun, though, with all the people going with me. We're wacky. It's great.

Thanks, Robin! Don't worry, I'll have plenty of pictures. Maybe we'll get out there together eventually. ;) Who knows?

Heather, the way my luck works, if I took yours, I would lose it. And nobody wants that. (That and it, ahem, won't fit in my carry-on.) I promise I'll get yours done. I will.

(Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Heather, esteemed fantasy writer in my critique group.)

Patrick said...

OMG! Your nose is HUGE AND BLACK.

Oh, wait, that's a book... Sorry.

Miri said...

Patrick - Was it the title or the butterfly that tipped you off?

Because of course people have authors on their noses all the time. It's become quite the trend.

Heather said...

*grins* Well, I do have another copy... ;)

I figure you'll probably do like we all do... wait till the last minute.

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