Thursday, February 8, 2007

Advice for the Ages

Just a short one today. I'm coming off a migraine and thus am not likely to be altogether coherent. Besides, I have to wait for the hot-water-heater to recharge.

But I was speaking with my mother earlier (my mother and I have a very good relationship) about how a link to my blog turned up on another person's blog (which I'm flattered by, really). My mother's a writer, too, and a good one. She's working on rewriting her most recent novel. (As you know, I'm working on writing my most recent novel.) I was a little bit gleeful about the whole thing and I made a bit of a joke about the beginnings of a fruitful writerly network. She said that I would have to keep up my blog now, because it might start getting traffic other than my mother. I challenged that she never left comments, and she just said she was a lurker.

My witty response: "Lurkers don't sell books."


"People who don't finish books don't sell books."


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Diana Peterfreund said...


Too funny. Of course, mom is always right. My parents are endlessly after me for that one.