Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Surprise! A blog.

I've gotten sick of being yet another "anonymous" when posting elsewhere in the blogosphere. So I've finally created a blog. To quote one of my favorite television characters, "Whoop-dee-frickin'-do." Brownie points if you can name the character.

I'll probably post things like random progress reports, general blatherings, the occasional question or two...and, if I ever get Snarked, I'll mention it. (No, I'm not in the running for the Happy Hooker Crapstravaganza. That is only for the truly brave or the truly stupid. I try to be neither.)

There will probably be very little of interest here to anyone but myself, but that's really okay. I like to keep myself informed. And documenting my progress will help me in several ways:

1. Later in life (I would say when I'm rich and famous, but that would get tomatoes thrown at me, and I'd be breaking my own stupidity rule), I'll be able to look back at it and say things like, "I remember that day!" and "Oh yeah, that one story..."

2. Not-so-much-later in life, I'll still be able to remember this stuff. Sometimes I could swear I'm the human incarnation of Dory from Finding Nemo.

That's it for now.

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