Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to the writing board...

Any observant readers will noticed a distinct lack of writing-related posts lately. (Acutally, you don't have to be observant. Literate, maybe, but not observant.) That's because there hasn't been much writing going on.

But I intend to change that. Now that the production I was stage-managing is over (and it went very well, too), I'm less wound up, more creative, and have more time. It's a very nice situation.

Now I just have to get back on the shtick. I believe I was in the middle of one of my characters turning into a sociopath...or possibly revealing that she has always, in fact, been a sociopath. We'll just have to see. Let's just say, the sooner I get past this scene, the better. Gossipy scenes are an absolute necessity in my WiP, but sometimes they just aren't too fun.

Do you have any kinds of scenes that you find yourself just pushing through, working on the happy assumption that you can go back and fix it later?


Robin Brande said...

Do you have any kinds of scenes that you find yourself just pushing through, working on the happy assumption that you can go back and fix it later?

Absolutely, Miri. All the time. But I'm a big believer in the phenomenon of getting something on the page, rather than treating it like a test and skipping the questions that are too hard, thinking I'll come back to them if there's time.

When you're writing a novel, you don't get to skip parts. You have to tell the whole story. So writing a scene that might not be as great as you want it right now is still a great placeholder you can come back to. But writing it now lets you go forward to the parts you're more excited about.

On the other hand, I know a few authors who write their books by going straight to all the scenes they know they're going to write first, then going back and filling in all around those.

Every writer is different, but that wouldn't work for me. I need to tell myself the whole story, start to finish.

Good for you for pushing on through!

Miri said...

Oh, I am too, definitely. NaNoWriMo just doesn't get done if you're not a believer in putting stuff down on the page. (And, in my case, of putting down at least five hundred words per ten-minute word war, apparently.)

I don't tend to skip parts much, mostly because of the slightly paranoid notion that I might forget about it later, and having huge holes in your manuscript when you put it through the critique group would just be...bad. I had a better word in mind for that than "bad", but the headache seems to have scared it off. Curse you, sinus headache. (Or possibly tension headache brought on by sinuses, or possibly tension headache brought on by everyday stress. Or any combination of the above. I get a lot of headaches. Now, back to the topic at hand.)

The only times I ever skip parts are when I honest and truly have no idea what to write there, but know exactly where to start a few paragraphs later. (And even then, I'll usually insert some kind of neat note-to-self, e.g. {Set up here: Vivessa, the Saverras, Lord Adamo, the Emerys, the monarchs. Two chairs, three benches, tables, servants, a general air of nervousness.} Maybe I should outline more often...)

So far I've been good about filling in the blanks before getting too far ahead. I hope that'll hold, seeing as the other day I started handwriting at a point slightly ahead of where I am on my trusty desktop and I haven't actually reached that point yet.

There's no way I could write all the scenes I want to write first, though. I'd lose interest. (That's why I don't outline, oddly enough. I want the story to keep surprising me--within reason, of course.) Still, if that works for some people, more power to them.

Thanks for the comment, and the encouragement, Robin!

Robin Brande said...

I'm with you on anti-outlining. If you already know how the story goes, why write it? I'm a reader of the book, not just the writer. I need to be surprised each and every time I sit down to write.

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